125 x 100 cm (49 x 39 in)

Original Acrylic Painting (2023)

Bask in the mesmerizing allure of Lucia’s ‘Gray Sky’ Radiant Loop painting. This radiant loop, boldly rendered on a premium cotton canvas stretched across a sturdy wood frame, commands attention at a substantial 125 x 100 cm. The dark gray cloudy sky serves as the backdrop, intensifying the luminosity of the loop. Bathed in neon green hues, the loop appears to emit a radiant glow, infusing the artwork with an infectious vibrancy.

Lucia’s deliberate play with contrasts, juxtaposing the somber tones of the overcast sky with the exuberant green loop, is a masterstroke in evoking a sense of joy and positive energy. Each brushstroke is a testament to Lucia’s artistic finesse, capturing not only the visual spectacle but also the emotional resonance intended for the viewer. ‘Gray Sky’ is more than a painting; it’s an experience, a visual symphony designed to elevate the spirit and captivate the soul. 

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